priestess of the sun father

A dreamstate, her true reality. She carries herself light as the clouds. When dawn rises she sighs with bated breaths. And like an infant to the window, do grave eyes crave harmony.


Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Nameday: 18th Sun of the 2nd Moon
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthplace: The Fairwind Isles, Oerth
Current Residence: Evermore's Vigil in Vallaki
Scent: Caramel, Brown Sugar and Jasmine
Voice: Soft, breathy and shy


Endowed by harmonious and modest proportions, Cordelia possesses a delicate touch to an athletic form. Firm muscles beneath supple flesh and limbs that stretch slender indicate a constancy of physical activities. Her complexion is fair; her hair resembling not quite gold but rather the gentle hues of wheat dancing in a sunlit meadow during springtime. Her eyes remain distinct — a soft jade, harboring an innocence untouched by the maws of the world.She is mostly, if not always, seen in her battle armor crafted by her sister of faith from home. Bearing the symbol of her Sun Father, Pelor, she ensures to care for it each and every day. Remarkably, despite its functionality, the dress that houses what armor is beneath never appears to gather a speck of dirt, preserving an immaculate appearance.



New Sights and New Sounds... It is rare for Vynka to be seen outside of Gridania as it takes her days to reach other cities. Occasionally she can be seen wandering around with stars in her eyes, as if she had never been exposed to such common places deemed by most. Culture, fashion, food, she basks in any opportunities she can get her hands on and it would be likely for her to ask for directions.(Not Really) A Fixer Upper... Have the gears stopped turning? Are the brakes malfunctioning? She is a rookie at mechanical repairs and may not know all the basic components or test regulations, but she will do her best!Damsel in Distress... If misfortunes placed her at jeopardy, Vynka would be the literal definition of a sitting duck. After living a rather sheltered life amongst nature, she lacks complete combat prowess and only carries around a revolver to provide relief for her boss.Sky Pirate?!... To conquer the skies is but a dream to her. Should she chance upon an individual who classifies themselves as a sky pirate, be prepared for a slew of questions to be thrown at every direction possible. Do take precaution of ear splitting squeals.Airship Spotting... Outside of duties, her favourite sideline is to perch upon the most obscure places and watch airships cruise by. Whether on a rooftop, hillside or hazardous ledges. she could spend bells minding her own. As joyous as it may seem to have a hobbyist enjoying their pastime, an acute observation may notice an empty stillness in her eyes.And More!... This list is far from exhaustive. Have an idea that could connect our characters together? Don't be afraid to send over a tell and we can talk about the details. Pre-established relationships always have a soft spot in my heart.


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